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Services and Responsibilities:

Swift 县 OD体育app买球 is the 县's human service agency. Established in 1937, the Department currently has 40 employees. The Department has two main components: financial services and social services. 在这些领域内, the Department services 3,186 cases for financial services, which means about 700 Swift 县 residents receive SNAP and 2,783 Swift 县 residents make use of governmental health care programs.  除了, there are 469 adult social services open cases and over 200 child social services open cases.

The Eligibility Unit provides applications and determinations for the following public programs:

  • 孩子care Assistance Program
  • 一般助理(GA)
  • 医疗援助(MA)
  • Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP)
  • Minnesota Supplemental Aid (MSA)
  • Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) - previously known as food support and/or food stamps
    • Collect calls are accepted for SNAP
  • Phone Interviews may be allowed for some programs.

The 孩子 Support Unit provides services for establishment and enforcement of court orders for paternity and/or support obligations. 

There is a staff of six eligibility workers, one eligibility worker specialist, one child support officer, one support and collection specialist, two office support specialists, and one financial assistance supervisor. This makes a staff complement of twelve full-time persons. The majority of funding for these services comes from 状态 and Federal sources.

The Social Services Unit provides services in five (5) cluster areas:

  • 儿童服务
    • 儿童保护
    • 儿童福利
  • 心理健康
    • 成人
    • 孩子
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • 成人服务
    • 成人的保护
    • 老年人服务
  • 许可
    • 家庭日托院
    • 孩子 and 成人 Foster Care

The services primarily involve completing assessments or investigations, developing individual case plans, contracting for services from an array of 53 providers of service, 以及病例管理. There is a staff of 20 social workers, one full‑time case aide, and two social service supervisors. This makes a staff complement of 23. The majority of funding for these services comes from the 县 levy.

The 政府 Unit of the Department provides the fiscal and financial management, personnel administration and other administrative functions. There is a staff of one accounting technician, two Information Systems Specialist, Sr., one fiscal supervisor, and the director. This makes a complement of five persons.